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Precious metal

product description

Gold and silver are the most popular precious metals trading products in the market, both against inflation and investment appreciation.

Precious metal trading features

24/7 trading
Gold spot trading is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and can be traded. Compared with popular T+D, futures, stocks and other transactions, the time is longer, which is more convenient for traders to arrange flexibly.
Margin trading
The spot gold trading implements a margin system, which generally has a higher leverage and provides up to 100 times leverage. This means that traders can use the leverage function to "enlarge" the funds to trade. Because of the leverage, the capital requirements for traders are relatively low. For example, when the price of gold is $1300 per ounce, then trading 1 ounce of spot gold at a leverage of 100:1 requires only a margin of $10. Of course, margin leverage is a “double-edged sword” that can increase profit opportunities and amplify the risk of loss.
Two-way trading, you can always find a "bull market"
Unlike paper gold and physical transactions, one of the characteristics of gold spot trading is that traders have trading opportunities regardless of whether “gold price rises” or “gold price falls”.

Contract specification
Maximum order volume
(including opening and closing orders)
10 hands
Number of orders per order Max 10 hands
difference International Gold (LLG): 0.5/per hand International Silver (LLS): 0.04/per hand
Contract Unit International Gold: 100 oz / hand International Silver: 5000 oz / hand
Transaction time Monday morning from 08:00 to Saturday at 03:00 (summer time), 04:00 (winter time); except settlement time 03:00-03:20 (summer time), 04:00-04:20 (Winter time), can be traded 24 hours
Overnight interest Buy rate -2.75%, yield -0.25%, 3 days overnight on Wednesday
leverage multiple 100 times
Additional Margin Notice MT4 platform: Weekend unchanged
Forced liquidation MT4 platform: prepayment ratio is 20%
Forcing a lockout MT4 platform: no forced lockout

Affected by the volatility and liquidity of the trading market, when the market volatility is high or the market liquidity is insufficient, the market risk will increase, in order to reduce the risk arising from the fluctuation of the market, then the international gold trading spread of the company platform will be Widened to $0.7; international silver trading spreads will be extended to $0.05. 
The market is volatile, that is, the market releases important data (such as non-agricultural data) or a period of time before the major news announcement (usually 30 minutes before the announcement and 15 minutes after the announcement). Insufficient market liquidity, that is, irregular trading fluctuations or gaps in the US market closing time, which is from 03:00-07:00 in the morning (Tuesday) from Tuesday to Friday in Beijing time; in winter time. 04:00-07:00.

Transaction case
> Net Profit and Loss Calculation Formula
Net profit and loss = (selling price - buying price) × contract unit - interest - handling fee (commission)
> case
Mr. Liang bought 2 lots of London gold on the online gold trading platform on August 25, which is 200 ounces, with a deposit of 2,000 dollars, a purchase price of $1,550, and immediately sold (sold) 2 lots of London gold for $1,558. His gold trading profit is:
No overnight payment without interest
Amount of investment (US$) = 2,000$ Net profit and loss (US$) = (1,558-1,550) × 200-0-0=1,600$
> Interest calculation formula
Interest = opening price × contract unit × interest rate × days / 360
Remarks: The gold overnight interest rates of the trading platform of the Company are: 2.75% for multiple interest rates and 0.25% for single interest rates.
> case
Mr. Chen bought 1 lot of London gold on October 20th, which is 100 ounces, with a deposit of $1,000 and a purchase price of $1,550. He then sold it at $1,560 on October 21st (selling). 1 lot of London gold closed, his trading interest is:
Interest = 1550 × 100 × 2.75% × (1/360)
Amount of investment (US$) = 1,000$ Net profit and loss (US$) = (1,560-1,550) × 100-11.84-0=988.16$