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Profit calculator

profit/loss calculation formula
net profit/loss=(bid price-sold price)x contract unit-interest-commission


Mr.Wu bought 2 lots (200 ounces) of London gold on gold trading platform online on 25th August. The margin is 2,000 dollars and bid price is 1,550 dollars. He closed out at 1,558 dollars, so he earned as below:

brought-in capital(USD) = $2'000

No overnight interest

net profit/loss(USD)=(1'558-1'550)x200-0-0=$1'600

online platform order 0 commission


Mr.Ruan bought one lot (100 ounces) of London gold on gold trading platform online on 20th October. The margin is 1,000 dollars, and the bid price is 1,550 dollars. He sold it at 1,560 dollars the next day, so his earning is :

brought-in capital(USD)=$1'000


net profit/loss(USD)=(1'560-1'550)x100-10.76-0=$989.24

online platform order 0 commission

Interest calculation formula
Interest = the price of opening a positionxcontract unitxinterest ratexdays/360
Note: the interest for overnight in our company's platform is 1.75% for buying and 1.25% for selling.

Use earning and lost calculator to calculate your gold trading interest.Click gold price to get the latest information about gold price and the gold price trend map.To make wiser decision on investing gold trading.

Spot gold calculator

This calculator can offer you the data of your buying or selling London gold or silver. According to your opening position price, closing position price, contract unit and the days you hold the calculator will calculate automatically and as well as net profit or lost. Before you make investment decision, calculator can offer you the calculation information and reference data. Please enter your data and we will calculate your earning for you now:

  • Margin
  • Payout interest
  • Net profit or lost
  • Product type
  • Trading direction
  • Opening position price
  • Closing position price
  • Contract unit
  • * Holding Day
  •  USD
  •  USD
  •  lot
  •  day
* Opening and closing a position are on the same day so the day is 0.

Physical gold calculator


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