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Spot Gold Knowledge

How to make a proper technical analysis
Technical analysis, which is based on Statistics, is a set of indicators observed by several professionals. MACK,KDJ,MA and RSI are commonly used in MT4 software. Beginner does not need to go deeply into the technical theory. There are emotional buying and selling in the market, which is affected by news-flow. To judge the entry time as well as the light and stop-loss position will be the proper way to gain profit.

How does the Non-farm payrolls affect gold price
Gold is priced in US dollar is affected by the U.S. economic data, in which the non-farm payroll plays an important role. The information of whether the non-farm payroll is lower than expected or better than previous is the main reference to Fed’s decision. Jobless claims data is reported by the Department of Labor afterwards. As a supplement to the non-farm payroll, this data also has a special influence.

How does Fed meeting affect gold price
In news-surfaced major gold market, the change of U.S. economic policy affect price, especially the movement of gold price. The better economic and the higher dollar index make the lower gold price, and vice versa. Led by the Fed meeting results, Fed chairman makes a speech and the speech immediately be read for getting the economic tendency for affecting the trading in gold market, such as whether reining-in of QE. Reining-in of QE represents the better of U.S. economic and the gold price is under pressure, otherwise, the gold price boost. However, it will also appear an unexpected price tendency against the news, due to the unpredictable emotion reactions in gold market.

Why can take profits by buying down
The flexibility of spot gold investments is that it can gain profit by buying down. For example, if you predict the price is likely to go down, and “borrow” RMB2000’s gold from others and then sell out; when the price falls, you can spend RMB1000 to buy a comparable amount of gold and return back. You will be able to recoup of the difference.

How to open an account
Choose to open a real account in GEG platform or MT4 platform. Click to enter into information page and submit to get custom login name and password, then you can log in the platform. Only US$100 minimum initial deposit is required to open an account, and US$50 is required to operate the trading of spot gold.

How to invest in gold
To invest in gold, the most important thing is having a basic knowledge to read the tape. Support level is the support price on the downside and resistance level is the resistance price on the upward of the price, which is the highest price that cannot be exceeded and the lowest price that cannot be broken. Profit can be gained by analyzing the news flow of gold market(economic data of U.S. Market can mostly affect the gold price) and MT4 software technology index, mastering the operation of MT4 trading software, selecting a good platform, judging a proper entry time(taking a long position or a short position) and the time to buy or sell.