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Platform Introduction

GEG,a revolutionary online gold trading platform owned by GOLD EFFORTLESSLY GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT LTD, is a high-speed trading platform with quick login. Without download and no need to consider the firewall, you can trade in spot gold by using the GEG online platform at any time and any where if the internet is in connection.

High-speed connection

Inventor can login the trading platform directly on the Website page of www.hj9999.hk. Compared to other downloaded trading platform, GEG web platform significantly reduces the login and trade execution times.

Rapid trade execution

When trading in web platform, trader can instantly feel the significant improvements in the connection speed. Synchronizing the instant update data with internet makes the investor feel more confident when facing the transient transaction opportunities. Easy platform interface and popular trade execution mode allows faster operation and rapid execution for the orders received.

Safe and steady

Jinyu has invested a huge amount of money in GEG web platform. It is the fastest trading platform of Jinyu. GEG web platform is free for you to download and there is no concern of firework, the only thing needed is the internet connection. Furthermore, in order to predigest the procedures of opening new account for our clients, Jinyu Group, which always emphasis on customer service has upgraded the application of new account. As a professional international financial service organization. Jinyu delicate to provide professional international financial service for Chinese people around the world.

Capital safety

Jinyu Group has an experienced and professional team and extensive market experiences in financial bank, treasury market, bullion investment, commodity future, corporate finance, wealth management and fund investment etc. Moreover, by using the advanced analysis software, we provide a series of high quality online services such as providing a convenient and fast financial investment platform. prompt resolving solution channel and professional and stable investment information through online customer service and 24-hour free telephone service.