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Gold Effortlessly Client’s Agreement

Rick Disclosure Statement
This statement does not mean the disclosure of information about all the risks and other important aspects of precious metal (including gold and silver). Given the risks, you shall confirm that you have been aware of the nature of the transaction and the level of risk you faces, and that precious metal trading is not suitable for the general public before under taking such transactions. Clients must carefully consider whether trading is suitable for themselves according to their investment experience, objectives, financial resources, risk tolerance and other relevant circumstances. Clients shall consult with legal, financial and other professional advice before opening the account and transaction.

Precious Metals Trading
1. Leverage effect
 Precious metal trading carries a high risk. Relative to the prices of precious metal, the initial deposit amount may be relatively small so that the transaction will be leveraged. Even relatively small movement appeared on market will have a relatively large impact on the funds Clients have or will have deposited, which may be beneficial to Client, or detrimental. Client may need to undertake losses of initial margin deposited in Gold Effortlessly and any additional funds in order to maintain position. If the market moves against the Client position or margin levels increase, Clients may not call margin to maintain position in a timely manner and in the case of loss and the position is liquidated, Clients will be liable for any resulting losses.。

2. Strategies or orders of lessening risks
Giving instructions aimed at limiting losses to certain amount (e.g. "stop loss" instruction, or "stop loss limit" orders) may not be effective or not be executed. It is not guaranteed that a stop limit order can be executed at the limited price or simply be executed. Strategies using combinations of positions, such as bucketing price difference or the same price and simply doing a "long position" or a "short position", may carry the same risk. Additional risks of other precious metal trading.

3. Transaction Facilities
Most electronic transaction facilities carry out command delivering, execution, matching, registration and transaction settlement through systems based on computers and web. As with all facilities and systems, they are vulnerable to temporary disruption or failure. Client's ability to recover certain losses may be subject to: the limited liability or exceptions set by system provider, the market, the clearing house and / or member company. These limited liability and exceptions may vary.

4. Electronic Transaction
Unlike open-outcry transaction operations, electronic transaction may render Clients with the opportunity to encounter transmission errors of computer hardware, software and Internet, which leads to the problem that Client's instruction has not been executed or will not be executed at all. Gold Effortlessly does not take responsibility for such problems.

5. OTC
Under some jurisdictions, and only in restricted circumstances, Gold Effortlessly can be allowed to carry out OTC. The company processing transactions may also be Client's counter party. Gold Effortlessly may be client’s direct counter party in many precious metal trading. Gold Effortlessly reserved the right to decline the acceptance or assurance of any order. Thus, liquidation of position, evaluation of the value, establishment of the right price and evaluation of the risk may be difficult or impossible. For all those reasons, the transaction may cover larger risks. OTC may be lack of supervision or under different jurisdictions system. Before getting started, Clients must learn more about the transaction rules and be aware of risks in the process of transaction.

6. Transactions under other jurisdictions
Transactions under other jurisdictions markets (including markets formally linked to a domestic market) may expose Clients to other risks. Due to the regulations in those markets, it may reduce the protection of investors and investors may receive different protection. Before starting to trade, Clients shall inquire about any regulations related to transactions. Client's local regulatory authority will be unable to compel the enforcement of regulations of other jurisdictions’ administering authorities where the exchange locates or markets. Client shall understand and confirm the available compensation in their location and other jurisdictions before the transaction.

7. conditions and terms of precious metals
The clients must inquire about the terms and conditions of precious metals trading and relevant responsibilities.

8. Suspension or restriction of transactions and pricing relationships
Market conditions (e.g. liquidity) and / or the operation rules of certain markets (for example, any suspension of precious metal trading due to price limits or closure), may increase the risk of loss, since the completion of transactions or liquidation and hedging of position will be very difficult or impossible. Furthermore, the normal pricing relationships between related assets and precious metals may no longer exist, and the lack of reference to the underlying asset price makes it difficult to judge the fair price.

9.Trading commission and other fees
Before opening an account, client should be aware of the commission and other fees will be charged. These fees can influence the profit the client can earn or add the losses.

10. Deposited cash and property
Client must be familiar with what kinds of protection of deposited cash and property in local and foreign transactions are available, particularly in the event of a relevant company becomes insolvent or bankrupted. Client’s extent of recoverable cash and property is subject to specific legislation or local rules. Under different jurisdictions, client’s property and cash will be in distributed proportionally when liquidation cannot meet the whole value.

Notice to Clients
This agreement is legally binding. Please read it carefully.
In respect of opening an account to speculate, purchase and/or sell precious metals through OTC precious metal markets (hereinafter referred to as "OTCGOLD") with Gold Effortlessly, Client acknowledges that it has understood the following factors concerning leveraged OTCGOLD trading, as well as the Risk Disclosure Statement that has been provided to it above.

1. Trading in OTCGOLD is suitable only for specialized institutions or experienced investors that can financially afford losses that may exceed the value of margins or deposits substantially.

2. The OTCGOLD business does not require open outcry. Though quotations or prices are offered by many computer-based systems in many places, such quotations and prices may vary due to market liquidity. Many electronic trading facilities are supported by computer-based systems for the order placing, execution or matching of transactions, and are vulnerable to temporary system failure. Client’s ability to recover certain losses may be subject to limits on liability imposed by the system provider, the bank and/or any other financial institution. Such limits on liability may vary.

3. On the OTCGOLD market, companies are not limited to effecting OTC transactions only, so Gold Effortlessly may be counterparty to Client in many precious metal transactions. It may be difficult or impossible to close a position, to assess its value, to determine a fair price or to assess risks. For these reasons, such transactions may involve greater risks. OTC transactions may be less regulated or subject to a different regulatory system. Before starting such transactions, Client should get familiar with the applicable provisions and the relevant risks.

4. There is no guarantee to the creditworthiness of the counterparty of Client. Gold Effortlessly will make every effort to deal with reputable, creditworthy institutions and clearing houses. There may also be certain cases in which trading liquidity drops ceasing trading in a certain currency, thereby preventing the closing of a deficient position that may cause substantial losses to Client.

5. Client acknowledges that the purchase or sale of any precious metal involves delivery to the extent that its account is credited with each spot transaction.

6. Gold Effortlessly's margin policy may require Client to provide additional funds to properly maintain its margin account and that Client is obligated to meet such margin requirements, otherwise any open position may be closed automatically with a corresponding loss. Gold Effortlessly also reserves the right to refuse to accept any order or provide a market offset.

7. Trading on an electronic trading system may be different from the same trading in a bank or other electronic trading systems. If Client trades on any electronic trading system, it will be exposed to risks associated with such system including hardware and software failures. Any system failure may render Client’s order either not executed as Client instructs or not executed at all.

(a)    International internet failure
Since the operation of signal communication is beyond Gold Effortlessly’s control and the reception of signals via the internet and routing is dependent on the reliability of the structure or connection of the equipment of Client, Gold Effortlessly shall not be liable for communication failures, distortions or delays in trading via the Internet.
(b) Market risks and online transaction
Trading in precious metal involves sizable risks that are not suitable for all persons. Please refer to this Agreement and annexes hereto for more information on risks. Trading online, however convenient or efficient it might be, does not necessarily reduce the risks associated with precious metal transaction.
(c) Password protection
Client must keep passwords confidential and ensure that no third person can have access to Client’s transaction facilities such as the user name and password of Client’s account. Client agrees to assume responsibilities expressly for any instruction sent by e-mail and all instructions given to Gold Effortlessly via email, verbally or in writing; that is, even though such instructions are sent by a third person, if these instructions are identified with Client’s password and account number. Gold Effortlessly shall determine and believe that it is the apparent authorization by Client. Gold Effortlessly shall have no responsibility to further enquire into such apparent authorization and no liability for the consequences of any action or omission in reliance upon such instruction or apparent authorization.
(d) Quoting errors
When certain errors with the quotes and transaction prices occur, Gold Effortlessly shall not be liable for any resulting error in account balances. Such errors include but are not limited to: an incorrect quote made by the trader, a quote which doe s not represent international market price, any quoting error(such as one due to the malfunctioned hardware, software or network, or the inaccurate data provided by a third person). Gold Effortlessly shall not be liable for the account balance resulting from such errors. In addition, Client shall allow sufficient time for the execution of the order and the calculation of the required margin by the system when placing an order. If the execution price of the order or the setting of order is arranged to be too close to the market price, it may trigger other orders (any type of orders) or a margin alert. Gold Effortlessly shall not be liable for the resulting margin alert, account balance and/or account position arising from the system being given sufficient time to make the execution or calculation accordingly. The above mentioned is not intended to be an exhaustive list and in the case of a quoting or execution error, Gold Effortlessly reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the account involved. Any dispute arising from such quoting or transaction error shall only be resolved by Gold Effortlessly on its own volition. Client agrees to indemnify and hold Gold Effortlessly harmless from and against all resulting losses, damages or liabilities.
(e) Arbitrage
Internet, connectivity delays, and quoting errors may sometimes make the prices displayed on Gold Effortlessly’s transaction platform unable to reflect the market prices accurately. “Arbitrage” and “scalping”, or taking advantage of such internet delays, cannot exist in an OTC market where Client deals directly with the market maker. Gold Effortlessly does not permit the practice of arbitrage on its transaction platform by Client. Transactions that rely upon arbitrage opportunities arising from price latency may be cancelled. Gold Effortlessly reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the account involved. Gold Effortlessly may at its sole discretion require the trader to intervene in or sanction all orders and/or terminate the relevant Client’s accounts. Gold Effortlessly may on its own volition resolve any dispute arising from such arbitrage and/or price manipulation. Gold Effortlessly reserves the right to hold Client’s withdrawals until such issue is fully resolved. Any action or resolution stated herein will neither prejudice nor waive any right or remedy that Gold Effortlessly may have against Client and its employees.
(f) Price, order execution and platform manipulation
Gold Effortlessly strictly prohibits any form of manipulation by any account regarding its prices, execution and platform. If Gold Effortlessly suspects that any account is involved in manipulation, Gold Effortlessly reserves the right to investigate and review the account and deduct from such suspicious account the gains earned from such activity. Gold Effortlessly reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the account involved. For accounts that are suspicious of manipulation, Gold Effortlessly may at its sole discretion require the trader to intervene in or sanction the orders and/or terminate the relevant Client’s accounts. For any dispute arising from such arbitrage and/or price manipulation, Gold Effortlessly may make a decision on its own volition. Gold jinyu may report such incidents to any competent regulatory and law enforcement agency at its discretion. Any action or resolution stated herein shall not prejudice or waive any right or remedy that Gold Effortlessly may have against Client and its employees; and all the rights or remedies shall be reserved expressly.
(g) Disclosure of bankruptcy
The transactions made by Client with Gold Effortlessly are not performed in an exchange. Upon Gold Effortlessly’s bankruptcy, Client may not be granted the priority right to repayment in its recovery from Gold Effortlessly of the fund deposits or the benefits earned from the transactions. Client is an unsecured creditor without the priority right to repayment and would receive compensation along with other creditors after the company has paid off the priority debts.

8. If Client grants trading authority or control over its account to a third party, whether on a discretionary basis or not, Gold Effortlessly will in no way be responsible for Client's choice. Gold Effortlessly makes no representation or warranty as to such third party; Gold Effortlessly will not be responsible for any loss to Client resulting from such third party’s actions. If Client gives any third party authority or control over its account, it does so at its own risk.

9. Gold Effortlessly does not control and cannot endorse or vouch for the accuracy or completeness of any information or advice Client may have received or will receive from Introducing Broker or any other employees who don’t belong to Gold Effortlessly ( please check disclosure of introducer). If the introducer or other third persons provides the precious metal transaction information or suggestion to Client, Gold Effortlessly shall not be liable for the loss of Client due to the use of such information or suggestion. Client understands that the introducer or a third person who sells transaction systems, courses, programs, researches or suggestions may not be supervised by government authorities. Client shall fully observe the local laws and regulations including the acquisition of any governmental or other regulatory approvals that may be needed to observe any other formalities required in such territory or jurisdiction and to pay any applicable taxes, duties and other amounts required in such territory or jurisdiction in respect of the execution of any transaction through Gold Effortlessly’s platform. The execution of any transaction through Gold Effortlessly’s platform will be deemed to constitute a representation and warranty of Client to Gold Effortlessly that such local laws and regulations have been complied with. If Client has any doubt in this respect, it should seek advice from its legal advisors or other professionals before opening an account and starting trading.

10. Client should be aware that any guaranteed return is illegal. In addition, Gold Effortlessly is not responsible for any claims or guarantees made by Gold jinyu, its employees and/or associates except words recorded in written way.

Disclosure of introducer
Gold Effortlessly does not supervise the introducer’s activities or undertake responsibilities for any declaration made by the introducer. Gold Effortlessly and the introducer are totally independent of and separate from each other. The direct agreement of Gold Effortlessly and the introducer shall not establish a joint venture or partnership relationship. And the introducer is neither the agent nor staff of Gold Effortlessly.

1. Client knows and agrees that if the account of Client with Gold Effortlessly is recommended by the introducer, the introducer may obtain the personal data of Client and other data relevant to transaction activities of Client at Gold Effortlessly. Client knows and agrees that if the account of Client in Gold Effortlessly is as recommended by the introducer, the introducer shall not conduct transactions with the account of Client at Gold Effortlessly, unless Client authorizes the introducer to conduct transactions on behalf of Client pursuant to an authorization agreement.

2. Client understands and acknowledges that Gold Effortlessly may compensate Introducer, and that such compensation may be paid on a per-transaction basis or otherwise. Such compensation may incur a markup beyond the ordinary spread received by Client. The spread compensated by Gold Effortlessly will be higher than the ordinary one. In addition, Client shall have the right to be informed of the payment accurately.

3. Since the risk factor of precious metal trading is very high, only the real “risk” capital may be used for such transaction. If Client does not have any fund in surplus to bear the loss, Client shall not conduct transactions in the precious metal market.

4. Client understands that the introducer or a third person who sells transaction systems, courses, programs, researches or suggestions may not be supervised by government authorities.

5. If Client has been informed or it believes that using any third person’s transaction system, course, program, or the research or suggestion provided by the introducer or other third persons may bring transaction profits, Client hereby confirms, agrees and understands that all precious metal transactions, including the transactions via the third person’s transaction system, program, or the research or suggestion provided by the introducer or other third persons, are exposed to huge risks of loss. In addition, Client hereby confirms, agrees and understands that all precious metal transactions, including the transactions via the third person’s transaction system, program, or the research or suggestion provided by the introducer or other third persons, may not bring profits and may not be able to avoid or limit the risks.

6. If the introducer or other third persons provides the precious metal transaction information or suggestion to Client, Gold Effortlessly shall not be liable for the loss of Client due to the use of such information or suggestion.

7. Client confirms that Gold Effortlessly and its relevant persons have not made any under taking for future profit or loss regarding the account of Client. Client knows that precious metal transactions involve huge risks and many investors lost their trading money.

8. Gold Effortlessly has provided risk disclosure information when Client opens a new account. Client must read such information carefully, and shall not rely on any information of an opposite intention originated from other sources. If Client conducts transactions at this platform, it shall be deemed that Client has read and understood the risk disclosure of Gold Effortlessly.

9. If Client has already or will have obtained information or suggestions from the introducer or persons other than the employees of Gold Effortlessly, Gold Effortlessly will not be able to control, and does not support or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the precious metal transaction.

10. Gold Effortlessly does not support or guarantee the services provided by the introducer. Since the introducer is not the staff or agent of Gold Effortlessly, Client has the responsibility to verify and strictly assess the introducer before using its services.

Client Agreement
Gold Effortlessly agrees to carry one or more accounts for Client and provide services to Client in respect of the trading of OTCGOLD (as defined in the Notice to Clients above) by or through Gold Effortlessly for Client's account(s).

1. Terms and statement
“Gold Effortlessly” shall be deemed to include GOLD EFFORTLESSLY GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED and its divisions. The term "Client" shall mean the party or parties entering into this Agreement. The term "Agreement" shall include all other agreements and authorizations entered into by Client in respect of the opening, maintenance and operation of its account(s) with Gold Effortlessly. The paragraph headings hereof are inserted for the convenience of reference only and are not meant to limit the applicability or affect the meaning of any paragraph or provision hereof.

2. Binding Effect
This Agreement (including the Risk Disclosure Statement, the Notice to Clients and this Agreement and the Account Application) shall remain effective, and shall cover all accounts of Client opened or reopened with Gold Effortlessly at any time regardless of any personnel change of Gold Effortlessly or its successors or assigns. In case of any merger, consolidation or other variation, this Agreement including all authorizations shall inure to the benefit of Gold Effortlessly and its successors and assigns, and shall be binding upon Client and/or its legatees, trustees, administrators, legal representatives, successors and assigns. Client agrees all the transactions conducted before the agreement and that the right and obligations related to transactions are subject to the provisions of this Agreement.

3. Agreement Acceptance
This Agreement shall be deemed to be accepted by Gold Effortlessly or become a binding contract between Client and Gold Effortlessly only when Client’s Account Application has been confirmed and approved by Gold Effortlessly.

4. Trading Authorization
Gold Effortlessly may take an opposite position to match Client's trading orders partly or wholly and/or transfer such orders to the market. Gold Effortlessly is authorized to trade in OTCGOLD pursuant to Client’s oral, written or computer instructions for Client's account(s) with the counterparty, such as a bank, financial institution or senior participant. Unless instructed by Client to the contrary in writing, Gold Effortlessly is authorized to execute all orders with such bank, financial institution, senior participant or any other counterparty as Gold Effortlessly thinks fit. Gold Effortlessly shall have the right to rely upon any oral or written communication or instruction received from Client, including Client’s employees, partners or legal principles (“Authorized Persons”), as long as Gold Effortlessly receives no notice from Client that such Authorized Persons have not been authorized. Client agrees that such Authorized Persons may, acting on its behalf, supply Gold Effortlessly with all data, information, instructions and authorizations needed by Gold Effortlessly to perform its services hereunder. Client authorizes Gold Effortlessly to rely and act upon any instruction, authorization or information received from an Authorized Person by any means, including transmission by electronic means or any facsimiled document approved by Client. Therefore, Client agrees that:
(i) Gold Effortlessly is authorized to execute instructions without enquiring into the validity thereof, which shall be deemed instructions given by the Authorized Persons;
(ii) In no case Gold Effortlessly shall verify the validity of instructions or signatures in any particular case; and
(iii) Client will bear the risk of all unapproved instructions given by any of its representatives, employees or Authorized Persons, and indemnify Gold Effortlessly against all losses, costs, fees, damages, expenses, claims or demands, etc. suffered or incurred by Gold Effortlessly, provided Gold Effortlessly has acted in good faith and without negligence. Client also warrants that it shall make no claim for liability or damages against Gold Effortlessly, and that Gold Effortlessly will not suffer losses from any of the above cases, relating to or arising from Gold Effortlessly acting upon, delaying in acting upon or refusing to act upon any instruction or information provided to Gold Effortlessly by Client, including improper, unauthorized, false or fraudulent instructions given by any of Client’s employees, agents or representatives, even if such instructions were not authorized by Client.
Gold Effortlessly has the right to limit the number of total transactions for each order of Client. Gold Effortlessly reserves the right to limit the amount and/or total number of positions acquired or held by Client. Gold Effortlessly will execute all orders accepted by it as instructed by Client given over a computer or recording phone. Gold Effortlessly has the right to refuse any order and to ensure the the market hedge. But Gold Effortlessly won’t be responsible for the events or acts that can’t be control directly and indirectly or for the losses that caused by the events and acts. This case including but not limited to loses caused by the delay of orders or information transformation because of the failures of transformation or communications.

5. Governmental, Counterparty Institution and Inter-banking system rules
All transactions hereunder shall be governed by the constitution, bylaws, rules, regulations, customs, usage, rulings and interpretations of the counterparty institution or any other interbank market (and its clearing agency, if any) where such transactions are executed and by all applicable laws. If any statute is enacted or any rule or regulation adopted by any government agency hereafter and affects or conflicts with any provision hereof, the provision so affected shall be deemed amended or replaced by the applicable provisions of such statute, rule or regulation, and the remaining provisions hereof and the provision so amended shall remain in full effect. Client agrees that all transactions hereunder are subject to the aforesaid regulatory requirements.

6. Consent to Cross Trading
Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that a situation may arise where an officer, director, affiliate, associate, employee, bank, bank employee or dealer related to Gold Effortlessly, or Gold Effortlessly itself, may be the opposing broker or principal for a transaction effected for Client's account. Client hereby agrees to such transaction, subject to any possible limitations and conditions contained in the rules or regulations of any bank, institution, exchange or board of trade that executes such trading orders, and those imposed by any other regulatory authority.

7. Liquidation of accounts and payment of deficits
In the event that:
(a)Client dies, or is judicially declared as incompetent;
(b)Client files for bankruptcy or appoints a receiver, or any bankruptcy or similar proceeding is instituted against Client on its own initiative or passively;
(c)Seize any account opened in Gold Effortlessly
(d)There is insufficient margin, or that Gold Effortlessly confirms that the collaterals used to protect one or more Client account(s)are not sufficient to secure such account(s)regardless of prevailing market quotes;
(e)Client fails to provide Gold Effortlessly with any information requested pursuant hereto.
(f)Any other situation or change arises in which Gold Effortlessly should take protective actions. Gold Effortlessly may take one or more of the following actions at its sole discretion: (i) satisfying any liability of Client to Gold Effortlessly out of Client's funds or property in its custody or control; (ii) selling or buying any precious metal position held for Client in Client’s account; and (iii) cancelling any or all outstanding orders, or any other commitments made in Client’s name. Any of the above actions may be taken without demand for margin or additional margin, and without prior notice of trading to Client or its personal representatives, successors, trustees or assigns, whether the ownership interest involved shall be owned solely by Client or not. Any sale or purchase hereunder may be made at Gold Effortlessly’s discretion with any interbank or other exchange market where such business is usually transacted, and Gold Effortlessly may purchase the same wholly or partly without any limit in right of redemption. Client shall be liable for the payment of any of its liabilities upon request by Gold Effortlessly at any time. Client shall be responsible for any deficiency in its account(s) in case of closing thereof in whole or in part by Gold Effortlessly or Client. If the funds realized under this authorization are insufficient to pay all liabilities of Client to Gold Effortlessly, Client shall pay the deficit and all unpaid liabilities, together with interest (the calculation is shown below: the lower of the bank prime rate of Gold Effortlessly’s major banker at that time plus 3% or the maximum interest rate allowed by law) thereon, and all costs of collection, including attorney's fees, witness fees, etc. immediately. If Gold Effortlessly incurs expenses other than for the collection of deficits in connection with any of the account(s) of Client, Client agrees to pay such expenses. If Gold Effortlessly incurs expenses other than those arising for the collection of deficits in connection with any of the account(s) of Client, Client shall agree to pay such expenses. To avoid any confusion, Gold Effortlessly may at its sole discretion consolidate any accounts being held in Client’s name and apply any surplus to set off any debit balance between such accounts.

8. Risk Exposure
Client understands that investments in leverage and leveraged transactions are speculative, involving a high level of risks, and are only suitable for persons who can afford any risk of loss in excess of their margin deposits. Client understands that since the margin required in OTC precious metal transaction is relatively low, price changes in OTC precious metal may lead to substantial losses that may exceed Client's investment and margin deposits. Client warrants that it is willing and capable financially and otherwise to assume all risks of OTC precious metal transaction. Client agrees it shall not hold Gold Effortlessly liable for transaction losses incurred by following transaction recommendations or suggestions of Gold Effortlessly or its employees, agents or representatives. Client is aware that there is no guarantee of profits or harmlessness in OTC precious metal transaction. Client acknowledges that it has not received such guarantees from Gold Effortlessly or any of representatives, introducers thereof or any other entity with which Client deals and that this Agreement is not entered into in reliance upon any of such guarantees.

9. Risks of prices changing of precious metals
If the client require to make some currency trading with Gold Effortlessly: (a) Client should take the responsibilities of earning and losses because of the changes of the price.(b) All margin and the following margins deposits will be calculated with HKD, the amount is decided at the sole discretion of Gold Effortlessly. (c) Gold jinyu is granted with the right to decide about the price to withdraw or deposit the client’s capital in the account at its sole discretion and base on the prevailing market price.

10. Gold Effortlessly’s responsibilities
Gold Effortlessly shall not be responsible for any delay in the transmission of orders due to a failure of transmission or communication facilities, electrical power outage or any other cause beyond Gold Effortlessly’s control or anticipation. Gold Effortlessly shall only be liable for any action directly attributable to negligence, willful default or fraud on its own part. Gold Effortlessly shall not be liable for losses arising from any default of any introducer employed by Gold Effortlessly according to this Agreement or from any default of other related persons.

11. Statements and confirmations
Confirmation reports of orders and statements of accounts of Client shall be deemed correct, and final and binding upon Client if not objected to in writing one(1) day after delivery to Client via the Gold Effortlessly platform or otherwise. Margin calls shall be final and binding unless objected to immediately in writing. In lieu of sending trading confirmation by mail, Gold Effortlessly will provide Client with internet access to view Client’s account at any time with an internet login. Client’s written objections shall be directed to Gold Effortlessly at the latest office address indicated on Gold Effortlessly’s website, the office address may change from time to time, return receipt requested. Failure to object shall be deemed approval of all actions taken by Gold Effortlessly before Client’s receipt of such reports. Client’s failure to receive a trading confirmation shall not relieve it from the obligation to object as mentioned above. See “Agreement on the transmission of transaction confirmations and statements through electronic means”.

12. Communications
reports, statements, notices and other communications may be sent to Client via the e-mail address or address on the application form, or to such address as Client may notify Gold Effortlessly in writing from time to time. All communications so sent, whether by mail, telegram or otherwise, shall be deemed sent by Gold Effortlessly when deposited with the relevant postal office or received by a transmitting agency, and deemed delivered to Client personally, whether it is actually received by Client or not.

13. Charges
Client shall pay such brokerage, commission and special service and all other charges (including, without limitation, premiums and discounts, statement charges, idle account charges, order cancellation, account transfer charges and other charges), fees (including, without limitation, fees imposed by any interbank agency, bank, contract market or other regulatory or self-regulatory organization) arising from Gold Effortlessly’s services provided hereunder. Gold Effortlessly may charge its commission, charges and/or fees without notice. Client agrees to pay the interest on its amount own to Gold Effortlessly (the calculation is shown below: the lower of the bank prime rate of Gold Effortlessly’s major banker at that time plus 3% or the maximum interest rate allowed by law). All such charges shall be paid by Client upon incurrence, or as Gold Effortlessly may determine at its sole discretion. Client hereby authorizes Gold Effortlessly to withdraw the amount of any such charges from its account(s). Client agrees to pay a transfer fee determined by Gold Effortlessly if it instructs Gold Effortlessly to transfer any open position, fund and/or property from its account to another institution. Gold Effortlessly acknowledges that all prices quoted to Client are not including premiums and discounts.
Dependant on the precious metal contract transacted, including buying and selling, Client is charged premiums or given discounts; regular adjustments will be made to premiums and discounts and Client is recommended to peruse the version online.
Client agrees that it is personally responsible for the taxes or fees imposed by government over all transactions or the profit generating from any transaction on its own part. Client also agrees that such taxes or fees are to be directly deducted or withdrawn from its account at the due date.

14. Margin Deposit and withdrawal arrangement
Client shall provide to and maintain with Gold Effortlessly a margin in such amount as determined by Gold Effortlessly from time to time. Such margin requirements may be greater or less than margins required by counterparties. Gold Effortlessly may change margin requirements at any time. Client agrees to deposit by immediate wire transfer such additional margin as required by Gold Effortlessly and will promptly meet all margin calls in such mode of transmission as Gold Effortlessly required. Client shall bear all charges incurred during deposit, including bank commission, exchange rate differences and all other relevant expenses. Client is fully aware that time is required for Gold Effortlessly to process Client’s deposit, and client may be unable to use the deposit in real time as the margin required for any new position or additional margin. Client agrees to undertake any loss arising from forced closure due to the failure of meeting the requirement about additional margin in time and such loss may be greater than its initial margin.  Gold Effortlessly may liquidate Client’s account at any time as specified in this Agreement. The non-exercise of this right by Gold Effortlessly shall not mean the waiver of such right by Gold Effortlessly. Any previous margin requirement from Gold Effortlessly shall not deter Gold Effortlessly from rising the margin requirement without notice.
Client has the right to inform Gold Effortlessly to withdraw a specified amount from the cash balance at any time. Client agrees to bear charges incurred during remittance or transfer, including bank commission, exchange rate differences and all other relevant expenses. Client is fully aware that some time is required for Gold Effortlessly to process Client’s withdrawal, and client may be unable to receive the withdrawal instantly. Client agrees to hold Gold Effortlessly harmless from all liabilities resulting from the untimely execution of its withdrawal request. Once such request is confirmed, Gold Effortlessly shall deduct the amount from Client’s account balance immediately.

15. Joint account
If more than one natural person enters into this Agreement as client, these natural person agree to undertake the responsibilities of this Agreement jointly and severally.
When opening a joint account, each account holder shall sign on the copy of the identity confirmation, and the signature sample on which shall be used for verification purpose. In addition, a form must be filled, signed and returned by client that provided by Gold Effortlessly in case of withdraw, change of information or close account.
If the joint account is held by more than one account holder (hereinafter referred to as the “joint account holder”):
(a) The responsibilities and obligations under this Agreement shall be borne jointly and severally and any title denoting Client shall be apply to each joint account holder.
(b) Each is confirmed to have the right to independently deal with the account under this Agreement, including but not limited to the execution of transaction and the receipt of all letters and documents about the account.
(c) Each has the right to receive or withdraw money or deposit money.
(d) Each shall perform the agreement relevant to the account and conduct trading with Gold Effortlessly with full authority. Gold Effortlessly has the right to require each account party to take joint actions for any account matter. Gold Effortlessly has the right of recourse and control against each joint account holder for all outstanding liabilities or common account interests. If one or more common account owners die, Gold Effortlessly shall be notified so in writing and provided with the death certificate. All expenses incurred till the notification date shall be deducted from the account. Each common account owner shall be assumed to own equal shares.

16. Waiver or amendment
No provision hereof may be waived or amended unless such waiver or amendment is made in writing and signed by both Client and an authorized person of Gold Effortlessly. No waiver or amendment hereof may be implied from any course of dealing between the parties or from any failure by Gold Effortlessly or other agent to assert its rights hereunder in any case. No oral agreement or instruction shall be recognized or executed.

17. Termination
This Agreement shall remain in effect until termination, and may be terminated by Client at any time when Client has no open OTCGOLD position(s) and on liabilities to Gold Effortlessly upon actual receipt by Gold Effortlessly of the written notice of termination, or at ant time by Gold Effortlessly upon delivery of the written notice of termination to Client, effective from the closing of business on the day the notice is sent. Such termination shall not affect any transaction previously entered into and shall not relieve either party from any obligation hereunder nor shall it relieve Client from the obligation to repay any liability.

18. Indemnification
Client agrees to indemnify and hold Gold Effortlessly, its relevant institute, employee, agent, successor and alienator harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees, incurred by Gold Effortlessly arising from Client’s failure to fully and timely perform its commitments herein or failure any of the representations and warranties to be true and correct. Client also agrees to pay immediately to Gold Effortlessly all damages, costs and expenses, including attorney’s fee, incurred by Gold Effortlessly in the enforcement of any provision hereof. Further, Gold Effortlessly shall not be held liable and is relieved from any claim or loss incurred if such claim or loss is caused by (i) Client’s conduct: Any action or omission to act on the part of Client or authorized person, (ii) forged signature: forged or unauthorized signatures on any document in respect of Client’s account  or this Agreement, (iii) failures: system failure, equipment failure, system interruption or inoperability on the part of Client or Gold Effortlessly, (iv) delay: delays, failures or errors in Gold Effortlessly’s execution of any instruction; and (v) information: inaccurate or incomplete instructions received from Client.

19. Transaction Recommendation
Client acknowledges that (i) recommendation or information provided by Gold Effortlessly or its employee shall not constitute an offer to buy or sell OTC precious metal contracts or a solicitation to buy or sell OTC precious metal positions. (ii) even though such recommendation and information are based on the data source deemed reliable by Gold Effortlessly, it may be completely based in the personal opinion of an individual agent and such information is not complete or confirmed; (iii) Gold Effortlessly does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of any information or recommendation of Gold Effortlessly and shall not be held liable therefore. Client acknowledges that if Gold Effortlessly and/or its supervisor, director, affiliate, associate, shareholder or representative may hold certain precious metal position or desire to buy or sell certain precious metals, such transactions are also recommended on the market. The market position of Gold Effortlessly and/or its supervisor, director, affiliate, associate, shareholder or representative may be inconsistent with the recommendation obtained by Client from Gold Effortlessly. Client shall acknowledges Gold Effortlessly has never guaranteed the tax influence or treatment of contracts.

20. Client representations and warranties
Client represents and warrants that:
(a) Client is of sound mind, legal age and legal competence;
(b) No person other than Client and/or its joint account holder has an interest in Client’s account;
(c) Client hereby warrants that regardless of any subsequent award to the contrary, save as subparagraph (i) above, client has sufficient ability to trade in OTCGOLD.
(d) Client is now not an employee of any exchange, company in which any exchange owns most of the capital stock, any member of any exchange and/or company registered on any exchange, any bank, trust or insurance company, and if Client becomes so employed, it must notify Gold Effortlessly in writing of such employment immediately.
(e) All information provided hereunder is true, correct and complete as of the date hereof and Client is obligated to notify Gold Effortlessly of any change in such information immediately.
(f) Client shall fully comply with the local laws and regulations including the acquisition of any government or other regulatory approvals that may be needed to observe any other formalities required in such territory or jurisdiction and to pay any applicable taxes, duties and other amounts required in such territory or jurisdiction in respect of the execution of any transaction through this platform. Moreover, the execution of any transaction through this platform shall be deemed to constitute a representation and warranty of Client to Gold Effortlessly that such local laws and regulations have been complied with. If Client has any doubt in this respect, it should seek professional legal advice.

21. Disclosure of financial information
Client represents and warrants that the financial information disclosed to Gold Effortlessly is an accurate representation of Client’s current financial condition. Client further represents and warrants that in determining the client’s net worth, assets and liabilities were carefully calculated then liabilities were subtracted from assets to determine the net worth that the Client has provided in the financial information. Client represents and warrants that in determining the value of assets, client included the cash and/or cash equivalents, marketable securities, real estate owned (excluding primary residence), the cash value of life insurance and other valuable assets. Client represents and warrants that in determining the value of liabilities, the Client included notes payable to banks (secured and unsecured), notes payable to relatives, real estate mortgages payable (excluding primary residence) and other debts. Client represents and warrants that in determining the liquid assets, the Client included only those assets that can be quickly (within one day’s time) converted to cash. Client represents and warrants that the Client has very carefully considered the portion of the Client’s assets which the Client considers to be risk capital. Client represents and warrants that risk capital is the amount of money the Client is willing to put at risk and even with a loss, it would not, in any way, change the Client’s lifestyle.

22. No guarantee of profits or limit losses
Client warrants and represents that it has entered into no other separate agreement with Client’s introducer or any employee of Gold Effortlessly or agent concerning the trading in its Gold Effortlessly account, including any agreement to guarantee profits or limit losses in its account. Client agrees that it is obligated to notify Gold Effortlessly of any agreement of this type immediately in writing.  Moreover, Client agrees if any statement made by anyone concerning trading account that differ from the statement received from Gold Effortlessly must be brought to the attention of Gold Effortlessly in writing. Client understands that it must make an authorization before execution of each transaction unless client grants permission to other person by signing the limited power of attorney (LPOA); and Gold Effortlessly must be notified of any disputed transaction according to the requirement of the transaction agreement. If any loss or debt incurred due to Client’s failure to notify Gold Effortlessly in time, Client agrees to compensate Gold Effortlessly to make it free from loss. Notification under this clause must be sent to Gold Effortlessly.

23. Credit report
Client authorizes Gold Effortlessly or its agent in Gold Effortlessly’s name to investigate Client’s debit standing and to contact such (all) banks, financial institutions and credit agencies as Gold Effortlessly thinks fit to verify Client information. Client further authorizes Gold Effortlessly to investigate its present and past investment activities and to contact such futures traders, exchanges, agent/traders, banks and legal information centers as Gold Effortlessly thinks fit. If Client gives Gold Effortlessly a request in writing, Client may be permitted to duplicate the records mentioned above and will bear all involved fees on its own part.

24. Recordings
Client agrees and acknowledges that all communications related to its account between Client and Gold Effortlessly or its staff may be recorded regardless of the use of automatic alert. Client further agrees that any part may use such recordings or their copies as evidence in the dispute or litigation which involves Client or Gold Effortlessly. Client is aware and agrees that Gold Effortlessly shall delete such recordings regularly according the established operating procedures.

25. Consent to jurisdiction and venue
Any dispute, controversy or claim arising from here from or in connection herewith, or the termination or invalidation hereof, shall be settled by arbitration. Such arbitration shall be administered in accordance with UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules which currently valid at the date such arbitration commences.

26. Amendment
Client is aware, confirms and agrees that Gold Effortlessly may amend any provision hereof from time to time. Gold Effortlessly will notify Client of such amendment or changes by publishing the same on its corporate website. Client shall review such terms and conditions for any amendment regularly and agrees to be bounded by the same.

27. Settlement date and rollovers
All precious metal position will be indicated in Client’s account in US dollars on the trade date and settled within 48 hours. The settlement currency is the HK dollars, the resulting position will automatically roll over for an additional 48-hour period unless (i) Client gives satisfactory instructions for delivery subject to Gold Effortlessly’s usual and customary charges and re-delivery fees; or (ii) Client enters an order which is accepted by Gold Effortlessly in its sole discretion to offset the precious metal position. Client shall provide Gold Effortlessly with acceptable re-delivery or offset instructions by noon of the business day before the settlement date of the precious metal position. In the absence of timely instructions from Client, Gold Effortlessly is authorized to rollover the currency position in the Gold Effortlessly account(s) for Client’s account(s) at its sole discretion and at Client’s risk. A position may be credited interest charges until the position is closed.

28. Collateral Agreement
All funds, currencies and other property of Client which Gold Effortlessly carries or its affiliates may at any time be carrying for Client(either individually, jointly with other, or as a guarantor or the account of any other person), or which may at any time be in its possession or control or carried on its books for any purpose, including safekeeping, shall be held by Gold Effortlessly as security and subject to a general lien and right of setoff for liabilities of Client to Gold Effortlessly, regardless of the number of accounts Client may have with Gold Effortlessly. Gold Effortlessly may apply and/or transfer all funds, currencies or other property of Client between any of Client’s accounts at its sole discretion at any time without notice to Client. Client also authorizes Gold Effortlessly to pledge, re-pledge, invest or loan any property of Client held by Gold Effortlessly as margin or security, either separately or with the property of other Clients, to itself or to others. Gold Effortlessly shall at no time be required to deliver to Client the identical property delivered to or purchased by Gold Effortlessly for any account of Client. This authorization applies to all accounts Gold Effortlessly opens and holds for Client, and shall remain effective until Client discharges all liabilities or Gold Effortlessly issues a cancellation notice.

29. Assignment of rights
Gold Effortlessly may assign all or any part of its rights and obligations hereunder to any person without the prior consent or approval of Client.

30. High-risk investment
Except the standard disclosures contained herein, Client shall be aware that margin-based OTCGOLD trading is one of the riskiest investment instruments in financial markets and is suitable for sophisticated investors and institutions only. An account opened with Gold Effortlessly allows Client to trade in precious metal at a very high leverage ratio (up to 100 times Client’s account equity or as amended by Gold Effortlessly from time to time or otherwise stipulated by the applicable regulations). Given the possibility of losing an entire investment, funds in the precious metal transaction market must be risk capital funds, whose loss will not have much impact on the financial position of an individual or organization.
If Client previously has only invested in low-risk investment tool, he may need to learn precious metal trading before the formal sale and purchase. Client needs to realize that if market trend is not as it has expected when trading in precious metals, it is likely to lose all the funds deposited in Gold Effortlessly as initial margin. If the Client wishes to continue investment, Client must confirm the funds are purely risk capital funds, the loss of which will not harm or damage the Client’s lifestyle or Client’s future retirement plan. In addition, Client must fully understand the nature and risks of investment in precious metal, and the losses suffered by Client will not affect third persons.  

31. Email acknowledgement
Client acknowledges that it is Client’s obligated to notify Gold Effortlessly of any change in its email address immediately.

32. Address acknowledgement
Client acknowledges that it is Client’s obligation to notify Gold Effortlessly of any change in its contact address immediately.

33. Authorization to transfer funds
Client hereby agrees that Gold Effortlessly may at any time, in the judgment of Gold Effortlessly and its associates, apply and transfer from Client’s account, either individually or jointly with others, to any other account of Client held with Gold Effortlessly or any other approved financial institution or its associates.

34. Consent to electronic transmissions of confirmation and account statements
Client hereby consents to have Client’s account information and trade confirmations available on the internet in lieu of having such information delivered to Client via mail or email. Client will be able to access account information via the Gold Effortlessly platform. Gold Effortlessly will post all of Client’s account activity and Client will be able to generate daily, monthly and yearly reports of account activity as well as a report of each executed trade. Updated account information will be available no more than 24 hours after any activity takes place on Client’s account. Publication of account information on Client’s online account will be deemed delivery of confirmation and account statements. At any time, account information will include trade confirmations with ticket numbers, purchase and sale price, used margin, amount available for margin trading, statements of profits and losses, as well as all positions and pending order instruction. Client may revoke this consent at any time upon written notice to Gold Effortlessly.

35. Privacy policy
The privacy policy of Gold Effortlessly is intended to protect Client’s right under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, which allows it to be convenient for Client to open and maintain its precious metal account and to supply any financing or financial advisory services.
Gold Effortlessly protects honestly the personal data provided by Client and keep such data confidential. Except permitted by law, Gold Effortlessly will not provide any non-public data to any individual person.
When Client opens or maintains a transaction account in Gold Effortlessly, personal data provided is only used for the internal business, such as evaluating Client’s financial needs, processing Client’s transaction and the other requirements, providing the relevant products or services, as well as offering the ordinary trading services and confirming Client’s ID as required by the regulatory procedures.
For the purpose of operation, Gold Effortlessly needs Client to provide the following data:
(a) Personal information provided on the Client’s Account Application of Gold and other forms, such as name, address, birth date, ID card number, career, assets and income data and so on.
(b) Business data related to Client and Gold Effortlessly and its affiliated companies.
(c) Data from the investigation report company relating to Client.
(d) Data for verifying Client’s identification, such as governmental document, passport or driving license.
Gold Effortlessly allows the data provided by Client to be accessed by limited employees who serve Client in order to introduce the relevant services or products to Client. Gold Effortlessly authorizes to access the relevant data on which a new account is applied and by credibility prosecutor. These requirements in procedure aim for protection of Client’s non-public data from disclosing and security of Client’s privacy. Gold Effortlessly also shall not sell or lend Client’s name or personal data to any people.

Cookies  About Cookies
Cookies are a tracing program running on the Client’s hard disk. It can trace and store the relevant data of online service used by Client. Gold Effortlessly may setup and store its cookies in Client’s computer to assist in perceiving the advertisements or promotions which may attract Client to its websites. Gold Effortlessly and its branch departments may trace those web pages browsed by Client and the collected and shared data is without Client’s name or any identification hereof.

Secure technology
Gold Effortlessly uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology in order to protect data provided by Client. Such technology can protect Client’s information from intercepting or stealing during transmission to Gold Effortlessly. Gold Effortlessly is committed to ensure the website are secure and that they are meet industry standards. Gold Effortlessly also uses other safety measurement as firewall, certification system (e.g. passwords and personal identification number) and access control mechanisms to control unauthorized access to system and data.
Certain products and services provided by Gold Effortlessly may share personal information described above with the third party service provider and non-affiliated promotion companies, including companies under contract to perform services on Gold Effortlessly’s behalf, such as those preparing and mailing monthly statements, or software companies processing maintenance and development processing. These companies acting on Gold Effortlessly’s behalf are required to keep personal information confidential.
In addition, Client agrees to allow Gold Effortlessly to disclose the personal data to the regulatory body as required by laws, including the disclosure of Client’s personal data in compliance with the court’s order or other official requirements, or for the protection of the interests and properties of Gold Effortlessly or as a necessary cooperation between Gold Effortlessly and the regulatory bodies or law enforcement authorities. The content of privacy terms will be published on the Gold Effortlessly’s website. In the case where the law permits, Client shall be informed about the relevant privacy policy before the disclosure of non-public personal data to any third person not under Gold Effortlessly and client shall be allowed time to withdraw from the participation in data disclosure. Client shall be provided with the amended privacy policy and the new notice of withdrawal before the adoption of a new privacy policy or the announcement if a new class of personal data of the disclosure of data to any new third person not under Gold Effortlessly. All Gold Effortlessly employees shall be supervised for ensuring the compliance with the relevant laws when implementing the policy.

36. Arbitration agreement
Any dispute concerning Client between any Client and Gold Effortlessly will be settled by the arbitration means described in the article 25 of the Agreement. Any award result form such arbitration shall be final one and binding upon all relevant parties. It can be executed by any court which has jurisdiction according to law. By agreeing to this arbitration clause, Client (i) waives its rights to sue in any court of law; (ii) agrees to be bound by arbitration of any claim or counterclaim that Client or Gold Effortlessly may submit to arbitration hereunder.
Even if Client elects not to be bound by this arbitration clause, it may also open an account with Gold Effortlessly.

37. Governing law and jurisdiction
This Agreement, and the rights and obligations of the parties hereto, shall be governed by, construed and enforced in according with the laws of the New Zealand, without giving effect to any conflict of laws that may interfere with or prevent the application of this provision.
This Agreement together with the Account Application and the attachments hereto constitutes the whole and entire Agreement in connection with the subject hereof, for leveraged OTCGOLD trading only. This Agreement replaces all prior written and/or oral agreements signed by the parties relating to the subject matter hereof-leveraged OTCGOLD trading.
I acknowledge that I fully understand the content