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Investor Protection

Jinyu Group associated with several portal media strategically, using the power of media publicity and abundant association resources to promote and enhance the leadership of Jinyu in precious metal trading; We believe Jinyu Group will thrive and step into golden time.

Independent account
Deposits and withdrawals are conducted by HSBC in Hong Kong. Client’s capital and our operating capital are put in different accounts, to ensure the two are separated. We shall not call the client’s capital without agreement.

Withdrawal with rapidness and credibility
The required amount for opening an account is as low as US$100, allowing you to start trading and experiencing our high quality services with a small amount of capital. Real-time deposit online. The withdrawal amount will be credited to your account within 24 hours in general, depending on the bank’s processing. A message will be sent to your cell phone after complete the process of withdrawal.

Convenient and safe bank transfer
Withdraw by using UnionPay is supported, banks like ICBC,ABC the transaction normally complete within 2hrs, other banks like BC, BOC,CCB,CMB,IB,HSBC the transaction normally arrived within 24hrs. According to Bank’s policy, withdraw can not be applied during weekend.

Independent external audit
External worldwide famous accounting firm is retained as the independent audit and legal counsel, regularly providing professional advice on internal processes and operations of affiliated companies of Jinyu Group and well protecting the customer’s capitals and personal information.