HongKong 10:10:40 London 02:10:40 NewYork 21:10:40 Tokyo

The main gold markets’ trading time (GMT+8.0 time)

1. During 5:00 to 14:00, the trading market is slow because the participation of Asian market is less active at this time. Usually, the volatility is slightly moving without clear direction. It is the period for adjustment. Usually, the direction is opposite with the moving trend of that day. For example: If the trend of that day is rising while at this time the direction may be dropping. If the prices is reasonable at this time you can consider buying.

2. The morning market for Europe starts from 14:00 to 18:00(Hong Kong Local time). The investment amount will increase after the European market start. At the same time, the data which is significant for European currencies will be released. If the price is good you can consider investing during this time.

3. During 18:00 to 20;00, the market is moving slowly because it is noon for European market. It is time to wait for American market to start, so waiting will be a preferable decision.

4. During 20:00-24:00, it is the afternoon trading time for European market and morning trading time for American market. The market volatility is huge. Also, the investment amount and investors are the most during this time. The direction of this period is the main direction of the day. According to this trend you can make decision. It is a good chance to sell.

5. After the period of 0:00 to 3:00(America’s Daylight saving time) for Hong Kong local time, the afternoon trading time for American market started.It is the time to announce the adjustments on the old Acts, so it is better to wait.