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product description
Crude oil futures are mainly divided into New York oil and Brent oil. New York oil is produced by West Texas Light Crude Oil Company in western Texas and traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). Brent oil is Brent crude produced by Brant in the North Sea. The difference between the two prices is mainly due to the quality of the two crude oils and the cost of crude oil transportation. Both are regarded as important indicators of oil prices. Jinyu Gold mainly provides New York oil futures trading.
Crude oil product trading features
Crude oil is called black gold, and crude oil CFDs are commodity futures with long-term oil prices as indicators. The crude oil contract is regarded as the most important type of petroleum contract, which can both resist inflation and increase investment value. Investors can check the market price at any time, and the transaction price is open and transparent. You can trade crude oil in both directions for 24 hours. You can buy or sell, and you can buy and sell. Both the price rise and fall have profit opportunities. Moreover, you can buy and sell on the same day, without any price limit and flexibility.
Crude oil investment advantages
1. The quotation of the New York Futures Exchange, the customer can have a basis;
2. The economic system is relatively open and there are no strict price and import and export controls;
3. The laws and regulations of the countries or regions where the futures market is located are sound and the supervision is effective;
4. There is no interest charge;
5. Two-way trading, low threshold, low cost, both profitable and profitable.
6. Transaction transparency is high
The quotation calculation method is highly transparent and can be directly compared with other futures index data.
7. More abundant trading products
Crude oil, gold, silver and foreign exchange can be traded simultaneously on one platform.
Other information affecting crude oil prices announced
Oil group meeting
The date is not regular, about once every four months, usually Friday.
CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Commission crude oil speculative net position
Every Saturday at 04:30
Economic information of all influences
Non-agricultural, FOMC meeting results, US GDP, etc., even the number of wells drilled every Friday, weather report.

Contract specification
Product Name Crude Trading
Number of orders per order

Max 5 hands

Maximum position 30 hands
point difference 0.05 USD
Inventory fee Buy $5 a day Sell $5 a three-day overnight fee on Wednesday
Margin MT4 1000 USD/hand
Contract Unit 1 hand=1,000 barrels
Contract due date
JAVA: Please pay close attention to the official website, subject to the official website announcement.
MT4: Two days before the contract expires
Transaction time Winter Order Monday 7:15am opening to Saturday 04:00am closing 
(Daily from 06:00 to 07:15)
Summer time Monday 7:15am opening to Saturday 03:00am closing 
(Daily from 05:00 to 06:15)
 Daily system settlement time is: (summer) 3:00-3:20 (winter)4:00-4:20 
JAVA: Non-physical delivery, settled in cash (the settlement time is subject to the official website announcement, please pay close attention)
MT4: Non-physical delivery, settled in cash after the last trading day of each month
Expiration Processing Method

JAVA: Automatically transfer after monthly settlement date 
MT4: Please close the position of the open position on the monthly futures settlement date, or it will automatically close the position when it expires

*This contract does not accept Hong Kong or US identity card holders to apply

Transaction case

Crude oil profit and loss calculation
US crude oil CFD trading is simple to calculate, as long as there is a fixed margin in the account, free to trade at any time. The crude oil CFD provided by Jinyu Gold is 1,000 barrels. The required margin is $1000/1,200.
Net profit and loss of purchase = (closing price - opening price) x contract unit x lot
Net profit and loss of sale = (opening price - closing price) x contract unit x lot
What is a deposit?
Margin can be understood as the deposit required by an investor to maintain a position when trading, not a transaction fee. You only need to deposit a small amount of funds equivalent to the total value of the contract to open a position. Rational use of leverage can increase capital flexibility and increase return on investment.
Margin list
Crude oil product Intraday Margin 
Margin before weekend or holiday
US crude oil



*Additional Margin Notice: When the net value is less than or equal to 50% of the initial margin, the system informs the customer to increase the margin. 
Intraday Margin: Applicable to general trading hours from Monday to Friday. 
Weekend Margin: Applicable to customers holding positions on the platform over the weekend.

common problem

1. Trading risk?
CFD-Contract for Difference is a form of over-the-counter trading. It is also a leveraged product. It has a high risk and may cause a loss in your investment capital. It may not be suitable for everyone. . Please confirm that you fully understand the risks involved in the trading of these products, and conduct investment transactions within your risk tolerance to avoid overload losses. Do not invest more than your own amount. The information provided here is for informed purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice for participation in certain types of transactions.
2. What are the costs involved in investing in Jinyu crude oil products?
The client trades through the Jinyu electronic platform and the commission is low. According to the characteristics of the crude oil products themselves, including but not limited to market liquidity and volatility, the difference in the trading price of crude oil products is floating.
3. How much margin should you invest in Jinyu crude oil products?
The initial margin for each Jinyu crude product is $1,000.
4. How to understand the relationship between each hand and the quotation of crude oil products?
Jinyu crude products refer to New York futures and are quoted at the price of each barrel of crude oil, quoted in US dollars.
Jinyu crude oil products are 1,000 barrels per hand. If investors invest 1 lot, they will invest 1000 barrels of crude oil.
5. Is Jinyu crude product trading time 24 hours trading?
Jinyu crude oil product trading time refers to the trading hours of New York crude oil futures, which are set every day, and the rest time refers to the trading rules.
6. Does Jinyu crude oil product have an expiration date?
The contract price of Jinyu crude oil products is based on the relevant futures product contracts. As the relevant futures contract has a maturity date, the Jinyu crude oil product contract also has a maturity date.
7. Where do I know the contract expiration date?
Customers can log in to the trading platform and select the relevant contract specifications to know the product expiration date. You can also check the expiration date of all products on our website. US crude oil expiration schedule
8. How is the settlement price of the closing balance determined?
The settlement price of Jinyu crude oil products will refer to the settlement price of the relevant futures on Jinyu's maturity date.