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Spot gold VS other financial products

60%  advantages than other trades

As the international gold price rises, investors started a “gold fever”, market quotations keeps coming.lower investment threshold finance product-----spot gold emerged.


Spot gold (LLG) VS Stock
  • Gold
  • Stock
  • Investment Amount
  • To Bat large by small; capital needed is small, suit medium and small investors.
  • 100% capital investment , not suitable for medium and small investors.
  • Trading Time
  • Long trading time, mulitple opportunities, Monday to Friday, 24hrs trading.
  • Short trading time, fewer opportunities , Monday to Friday, 4hrs everyday.
  • Trading Means
  • T+0 instant transaction, easy way to gain profit and to control risks
  • T+1 trading, increasing trading risks beyond control.
  • Trading Object
  • Gold as trading object, help to lock key tracking object and gain profit.
  • Vast number of listed companies, inconvenient for tracking and making profit.
  • Technical Analysis
  • No market makers, reliable technical analysis, easy to control.
  • Market makers control the market, unauthentic technical analysis, trading risks is huge.
  • Market Liquidity
  • Because of it’s leverage character, short term market fluctuation and profit gaining opportunities are abundant.
  • No leverage, short term market fluctuation is tiny
  • Utilization Rate
  • short term trade, margin transaction, high utilization of funds, suit medium and small investors.
  • Firm offer, full trading, massive capital investment, not suitable for medium and small investors.
  • ROI
  • two way trading, gain profit both rising price and declining price.
  • One way trading, no short positions is available, only can gain profit when the price is going up.
  • Risk Controlling
  • platform system contains automatically take profit, stop loss, avoiding manual operation misjudgment or psychological impact.
  • System flaw, exist big risks.
  • Information Openness
  • information global synchronization, authenticity
  • False information, induce investors, huge risks.

Bank Deposit

Bank interests these days cannot catch CPI increase, especially when financial crisis broke out, some times money in bank not only cannot maintain it’s value but even been devalued because of the development of economy.
Gold as a investment means contains the ability to resist inflation because of its metallic nature. Also because of its nature, gold is the best choice of value retaining and increment of assets.

Other gold investment products

There are a lot of international gold investmentproducts: paper gold, gold future, gold T+0, LLG. In all of these products,LLG trading outshine others andbeen inthegood gracesof investors.From this chart, margintrading (LLG) is the most flexible, this product have following characteristics: T+0 two waytrading, 24hrs trading time, 1-100 times of leverage, initial capital only100USD.

  • 1
  • Trading direction
  • Trading time
  • Leverage
  • Principal
  • Physical Gold
  • one way
  • 5X8hrs
  • X
  • high
  • Paper Gold
  • one way
  • 5X24hrs
  • X
  • high
  • Gold Future
  • two ways
  • 5X24hrs
  • 15 times
  • minimum 0.1million
  • Gold T+D
  • two ways
  • 5X3hrs
  • 12.5
  • high
  • LLG(spot gold)
  • two ways
  • 5X24hrs
  • 100 times
  • low

Stock Index Futures

As the international gold price rises, investors started a “gold fever”, market quotations keeps coming.
Margin trading is similar to commodity future, they both can do two way trading, also both are T+0 trading. But compare to commodity future, margin trading has some advantages:

  • Gold
  • Commodity future
  • Invest Amount
  • 1-100 times of leverage, suit medium and small investors.
  • about 15times leverage, minimum couple hundrad thousand.
  • Trading Time
  • about 15times leverage, minimum couple hundrad thousand.
  • Short incoherent trading time.
  • Risk Level
  • Thorough risk control, minimum risks.
  • Immature market, high risks, Imperfect risk control.
  • Participator
  • Central bank, commercial bank, global financial institutions, gold traders, gold brokers, gold market final demanders and providers.
  • Future Exchanges, clearing houses, broker companies, investors.

Real Estate

Real estate investment including state investments, business investments, oversea investments, and personal investments. Real estate contains a lot of bubble economy. Recent years US subprime mortgage crisis delivered a heavy blow to the Real estate investment. On the other hand, spot gold(LLG) has advantages that Real estate cannot compare because of its two ways 24hrs trading.

  • Real Estate
  • Invest Amount
  • huge, often with loan.
  • Investment Horizon
  • long investment horizon, complex procedures.
  • Flexibility
  • poor flexibility and liquidity,complicated procedure.
  • Risk Level
  • huge risks. Especially during financial crisis.
  • Operational Difficulty
  • long horizon, take a lot of time and effort to operate.